YEK Design

Wisely designed and sized, artistically coloured.

Established in 2016, YEK Design is a ceramic design firm focused on multi-purpose tableware manufactured especially for the needs of Chefs and Restaurants.

Our designs, models, and shapes, crafted with ‘less is more” in mind, have resulted in products that can meet the demands of a variety of establishments whether it be a fine dining restaurant, a tasting menu, or simply a cafe or bistro trying to make a difference.

They are simple, notable, and functional.

YEK Design takes pride in its 100% handcrafted products as they continue to help chefs serve good food with an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere around the world.

Elegance meets durability

Signature Deep Plate

Available in:
14 cm    |   17 cm    |   21 cm     |   26 cm

Flat Line Plate

Available in:
14 cm    |   17 cm    |   21 cm     |   26 cm

Curves Bowl

Available in:
14 cm    |   17 cm    |   21 cm     |   26 cm

Salt & Pepper Mini Bowl

Turkish Coffee Cup

Espresso Cup

Filter Coffee Cup

Milk & Sauce Pot

All products are available in:

Please contact us for your custom design needs…