Serap Yurdaer is a ceramic artist living and creating in Alaçatı.

Her namesake brand draws its inspiration from traditional Turkish themes and brings them together with modern design aesthetics.


24 hours a day.
We wonder how you plan this period of time. Do you find strength in planning; how does your mind works?
Are you one of those who use the day well?

It is not entirely true that my life is planned perfectly.  I rather let things follow their natural course, enjoy the freedom and lightness instead of getting stuck to a schedule. I also notice I am far more efficient when I follow my owkın rhythm and make my natural preferences. It is a very positive element and experience.

Most things find their natural course anyway…

You are actually also a good traveler, but at some point, you have chosen the Aegean to take root.
We’re sure you have some inspirations here. Can you tell us a little about them? We would love to get inspired by your Aegean…

“Aegean”, the word itself rings like a melody. Living in the Aegean and being as attracted to it as I am is truly a difficult passion to describe. I consider myself privileged to live in the heart of the Aegean, especially during these turbulent times we’re all going through.

The Aegean is a blessed piece on earth. It pampers our senses. With its colors, fragrances, and sounds it is not only a source but a location of experiencing inspiration. This balanced cornucopia helps me gain a better understanding of myself and share it with others through my artworks.

We know about your successful initiatives to protect natural life.
Can you tell us a little about what should not be forgotten, or perhaps a little about what should be known?

I want to answer this question with a concise, sincere reply.

Nature is not a place we visit. It is our home, our sanctuary. It doesn’t belong to us. We have to be one with it. It is our sole abode.

Composition and applying colors in harmony is one of your greatest strengths as an artist.
Taking your whole life into consideration, what do you think has supported this ability?

The color preference as reflected in my artwork, their relation between harmony and sometimes disharmony mirror my inner mood. After all, I am quite satisfied with the results, irrespective of what they may be. There are phases where the picture in my mind doesn’t match the outcome. To me, this is not an obstacle. I rather welcome it as an opportunity for new possibilities. Every piece teaches me something in its own way.

I don’t follow a necessity to color and cover each form. I’m much in favor and like to explore the natural process of bare surfaces not only for figurative works but also for my vessels. This is a different dialogue with my work, carried out in primitive action with a timeless result.

Besides all this, you are also someone who cooks incredibly delicious food.
It’s almost as if you came to life to use your hands.
How did the food come into your life, how do you make such successful sauces?
Can we find a tip here too?

My kitchen is my 2nd studio, another sanctuary where I feel wonderful. I love to eat and entertain well. What can be better than eating together with friends & family? It is a great way of gathering, unfortunately now going amiss during the pandemic.

Preparing any kind of good meal starts by appreciating food, being curious about and knowing where it comes from.

The Mediterranean – Aegean cuisine has got loads of advantages. It is vibrant, variable, healthy yet not boring, multicultural, even artistic. All these elements make up a good, tasty diet. A great variety of local, fresh and seasonal produce and natural olive oil- what else to ask for?

Knowledge of traditional cooking is a solid starting point, but not the rule. My Aegean cooking relies on where the produce come from and the daring to experiment with diverse ingredients in altogether new ways.

With the “Friends of YEK” series, we aim to introduce the precious people who add an Aegean beauty to life with their craftsmanship and elegance.

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