A life well lived

YEK is about living life to the fullest.
And doing it with delight.
It is about a life well-lived, which, we think, should be natural, vibrant, humble, and tasteful.

It is about catching the fleeting moments when life gets lighter and turning them into eternity.
About pleasure and joy, shared between family, friends, or strangers at long tables or small gatherings.

The Aegean Lands

YEK’s longing for the Aegean is usually found in the form of a celebration of fertile soils, life-giving salty water, a breath of fresh air that purifies one from the inside… Sometimes, it may also be a celebration of the climate, both of the weather and the people.

But we are aware that there is much more to the Aegean than what geography physically offers. What makes the Aegean so special is not only the land that it is on; but also the people who cultivate that land and the cultures they produce.

home of free spirits, open minds, and wild hearts

Just as the people there form the basis of Aegean life, our community represents the primary source of YEK’s existence for us.

YEK revolves around people who know how to enjoy life, who enjoy creating value for life. With the light and lightness of life by the sea, we are happy to be the home of free spirits, open minds, and wild hearts.


With the “Friends of YEK” series, we aim to introduce the precious people who add an Aegean beauty to life with their craftsmanship and elegance.

Click on the images of our dear friends below to share their inspiration regarding nature, the Aegean, the art of living, and the very essence of creating.