Just as the kitchen is the heart of the Aegean houses,
our restaurant is at the center of everything we do.

This is precisely how we are building our kitchen and restaurant, which will come into service in 2022 to welcome its guests.

The Aegean Diet

Aegean food has a significant role in shaping the culture in the Aegean.
Throughout history, food has always brought people together and helped them connect on a deeper, more intuitive level. Unlike most places on earth, people in the Aegean do not just eat to live, they live to eat, and for us, food is an integral part of a happy life.

The Aegean Diet, based on Hippocrates’ medical and nutritional philosophy, reflects general wellness and better living. 

This cuisine is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world.
Being conducive to good health, Aegean Diet is great for both the body and the soul.
While nutritious meals made from fresh ingredients feed the body, diverse, delicious foods and the feast they bring to the table nourish the soul.

Aegean is famous for producing excellent vegetables, livestock products, olive oil, fruits, herbs, honey, and wine. It is also blessed with a wide variety of seafood, as it is surrounded by the richly sourced Aegean Sea.

Aegean diet honours every ingredient in its season and celebrates food in every bite.

Our Food

Our kitchen takes its inspiration and source from the whole of the Aegean.

The food we serve has harmonious essences from terrestrial Aegean, coastal Aegean, Aegean sea, and the islands.

We advocate that every ingredient should be consumed in its season. Therefore, our menu is focused on the seasonality of the products.
We also highly value provenance, which means our ingredients’ and recipes’ sources of origin. For every authentic dish we serve, we only use ingredients sourced directly from their region to ensure real food with natural flavour and to support the local producers.
In a nutshell, YEK serves nourishing, healthy, and natural, delicious meals, loaded with the zest of Aegean, to give you a homely comfort through food.

Our Philosophy

As we often like to repeat, YEK is, above all, a celebration of all things Aegean.
This philosophy is deeply rooted in the history and mythology of the Aegean.

Cybele, as an instance, who we memorialize as the symbol of YEK, is the Anatolian mother goddess. Sometimes also referred to as the ‘Mountain Mother’, the goddess has roots going back to the 6th millennium BC to Catalhoyuk, Anatolia. It is believed that Cybele was the child of the sky god and mother earth, an allegory that speaks to some of the core philosophies of YEK.

We identify with the nurturing and giving characteristic of Cybele and wish to share the fertile soil, resourceful sea, and the relieving breeze of the Aegean with people through the delicious food that this land has to offer.

This approach reverences every civilization that has walked through the red earth of Aegean, from the Roman empire to the ancient Greek, and the land Cybele has called home: Anatolia. We want to share the love we have for these land’s thousands of years of culture in the way we know best and the way that is worthy of an Aegean: through cooking, baking, and sharing.

‘Afiyet olsun…’

Interior Design

Our main purpose in everything we do is simple and clear: to bring the Aegean to you — which was our main effort in the interior design of our restaurant as well.

As the natural earthy tones, olive greens, and pure whites meet the bright blues of the Aegean Sea; the Aegean breeze will gently welcome you to a Mediterranean dream.

Concentrating on Cycladic culture and its beautiful elements in every aspect of our aesthetic, we want this place to welcome you and your loved ones with the warmth of an Aegean family.

This is where we draw our inspiration when designing YEK’s Aegean haven in London.

We’re looking forward to meeting you on 2022.