YEK is, above all, a celebration of all things Aegean

It is a celebration of fertile soils, life-giving salty water, a breath of fresh air that purifies one from the inside… But there is much more to the Aegean than what geography physically offers.

YEK is also about people who know how to enjoy life, who enjoy creating value for life.
It is about catching the fleeting moments when life gets lighter and turning them into eternity.
About pleasure and joy, shared between family, friends or strangers at long tables or small gatherings.
About edges, left deliberately rough, although there is a very meticulous work behind.

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YEK is about relishing every ingredient, every bite, every sip…

And making the most of it.

At YEK, we proudly serve great comfort food made by chefs, artisans, purveyors, and handmade lifestyle goods sensibly created by artists — all of which can be enjoyed at our space or delivered straight to your doorstep.
Here you may find a well-balanced cuisine from the intertwined cultures of the Aegean, with a focus on the provenance of the ingredients and recipes.
Led by one of the region’s most successful and renowned chefs, Kemal Demirasal, YEK serves and retails authentic dishes made of the finest seasonal ingredients sourced directly from their regions.
Honouring the slow-paced life in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, we pair authentic cooking techniques with a simple, honest and cheerful approach to life.
We re-discover our past and re-imagine our future with every plate we prepare and every product we put on sale.
Inspired by thousands of years of cultural heritage and traditions, our story has begun in Alaçatı, an Aegean village in Turkey, and extended to London.
With the light and lightness of life by the sea, we are happy to be the home of free spirits, open minds, and wild hearts.
YEK is our haven in London, loaded with the zest of Aegean, where everyone is welcome.

YEK is our haven in London, loaded with the zest of Aegean, where everyone is welcome.